by Matt Morrow

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released 04 March 2014



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Track Name: Smoke
. . . and if I was watching you while you were sleeping
Then I didn't see when the other shoe fell
And if I didn't tell you that you looked like an angel
It was all I could do to tell you to go to hell
And when you said you didn't know what you were doing
You meant you didn't know what you were doing with me
And when I said you hadn't seen nothing yet
That didn't mean that there'd been nothing to see

So your heart wasn't in it
But baby, just stay for five minutes
I'll let you know when the buzzer goes
And then you can slip through my fingers
While the smoke of you lingers on and on

Baby, I'll get my coat and go out the way I came
Dumbstruck by your burning eyes and lost in the sound of your name

And if I knew just how this story would end
Babe, it's only because I was the author
Not in a house with a dog in the yard
Not as husband and wife, not as mother and father
No, I wrote you as the mysterious stranger
Like you've been to me for the last ten years
And I was the poet who fell for you like rain
Writing the poems you were too gone to hear

And in the final pages
There was one for the ages--
An epic ode for you to decode--
But will it slip through your fingers
While the smoke of it lingers on and on?